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Windows installation, inc'  updating to Windows 10 / 11.


Assistance with the installation of your Windows operating system using your exisiting Win10/11 key.  This includes migrating to Windows 10 or 11.

* Price: from £30

Computer setup, configuration help.


If you need help with your computer setup then get in touch.  After a short. free telephone consultation a home or business visit can be arranged.

* Price : By Quotation

Security & Antivirus and Tech Scam prevention & recovery.


Virus removal and Antivirus installation are essential.  If you need help or even assistance with Tech Scam prevention / recovery then get in touch.

* Price: from £20

Network configuration and router setup.


Help with your network.  Ensuring your equipment is configured correctly and you're achieving the best speeds possible.

* Price: from £20

Support and aftercare enquiry service.


Once your computer is working again, elgartech is still there for you.  Full aftercare and support if you still have any more queries.

* Price: FREE

Laptop casing, keyboard, screen or mainboard repair is no longer available  This is due to the difficulty in obtaining good quality OEM aftermarket components.
PLEASE NOTE: Laptop casing & screen, keyboard or mainboard repair is no longer offered. This is due to the difficulty in obtaining good quality OEM components.
Hardware upgrades such as SSD and RAM etc..


Rather than buy a whole new machine costing hundreds of pounds, why not consider a great value SSD or other upgrade instead.

*Price: from £40 (SSD inc. O/S re-install)